Distant Spaces

Monday, May 29, 2006

Distant Spaces - Chapter 1 - The Meeting

He stared into her beautiful brown eyes, the same eyes he fell in love with 2 years ago, the very eyes that changed his life, future and destiny.
Her beautiful eyes embedded in a smooth face, her black hair as smooth as silk,her full bosom a sight no man could resist, prancing all over the house, she was excited yet tense, and a whole lot nervous,
"raeshma, calm down, you are making a bigdeal of nothing",said soumya, her roommate.
"goodness, what would he think of me if i turned up shaby? or my hair didnt look good, or my heel comes loose?" cried raeshma,
"razz dear, how many times did all that happen before?" asked soumya patiently,
"umm....never i guess, but that doesnt mean we can count out the possibilities",
"just calm down girl, you are going to have a swell time"
"God! what should I say? What if I cant talk anything? What if i talk too much? what if..." cried raeshma nervously fixing her make up,
"Girl, you have to fix your head more than your make up..." said soumya glancing at raeshma, she looked stunning, in a red halter top dress, that seemed to light up the room, her chandeleir ear rings dangling down to her neck, which was adorned by a slender platinum necklace with a matching pendent,peeking out from the shoulder length black hair, the figure hugging dress ran all the way down ending just above her feet, she was wearing red matching sandals, with shining silver heels,
"Ha, and she's nervous" thought soumya,
"I am sooo nervous....tie this up for me will u?" said raeshma fiddling with her silver bracelet, and turningaround to get the red strings of her dress tied by soumya.Soumya had just finished tying up the strings as the door bell rang,
"Ohh God, I s'pose he's here, how do i look? hoe do i look?" sha said smoothening out her dress,
"Girl, right now i feel sorry i am a girl", said soumya cheekily giving raeshma a wink and pushing her towards the door,
"I shall leave you two alone now", she said and left the room,
Raeshma opened the door nervously, and had her first glance at her cyber lover, he was tall and had dark curly hair, he was in a dark formal suit, with a cream shirt underneath, he had flowers in his hand, and his eyes lit up as soon as he looked at raeshma,
"rosa?" he said, referring to her screen name,
"yeah...call me raeshma", she said, giving a broad smile and taking the flowers he offered her.
"So raeshma, lets go?" he said, turning around to point to his car, it seemed to be a shade of light lavender but raeshma couldnt make out which colour it actually was in due to the dim light of the night.
"umm...where are we going?" she asked,
"whats the hurry?, its a surprise", he said
They walked to the car and she was ushered into it. It was a ford ikon with quite plush interiors,
"Wow this guy must be well off", she thought,
"How do you lie my car?" he asked,
"your car?" she inquired,
"yeah, bought it myself, from stuff i earned through some parttime jobs", he said,
"Wow", was all raeshma could exclaim, she wondered whic kind of parttime jobs paid that much, but drifted into different thoughts, as he turned on the cd player in the car, both of them were lost in the rocking music when he put a hand on her lap and touched her lightly, she didnt object but slowly removed it and replaced it on the gear,
"concentrate on the road now",she said,
They reached their destination a half hour later, it was a huge hotel cum restaurant,7 star she reckoned,she accompanied him in and expected him to turn to the restaurant but was surprised when he headed to the hotel reception, but did not ask any questions.
"we are having a private party with some of my friends", he said
Raeshma was relieved that they were atleast going to have company,
"Room 801 sir", replied the receptionist, they boarded the elevator,the 8th floor was the top most floor.
Raeshma realised it was the presidential suite. There were only 4 rooms on the entire floor, they reached the plush red wood door set with heavy trapestry, the door was open, there were people inside, Raeshma walked in as he locked the door behind them.She did not have a good feeling about this. There were 6 other guys in the room, they seemed drunk, and did not notice them coming in.Raeshma did not feel good at all.
"you sure this is alright?", she asked
"Yes of course", he said flashing his charming smile again as he took of his coat and tie and uncuffed his hands, to head for a glass of whiskey lying around,after taking a long swig,
"umm...drink?", he asked,
"no, i dont drink",she replied,
"HEY GUYS LOOK WHO'S HERE", he said, announcing loudly to the little group,they were all very drunk, only one seemed to be able to speak coherantly.
"Nice item this time man", said one shabby looking guy, now, Raeshma's heart was racing, she wanted to get out of the place, drops of swat started to form on her forehead inspite of the air conditioning in the room.
"Hey lets go out into the restaurant, there seems to be a nice band playing",she said, trying to get herself out of the room.
"No, come on we can have much more fun here",he said as he grabbed her shoulder and pulled the strings on her back loose, and grabbing her hand pulled her close to him,raeshma tried to scream but he put his hand on her mouth,shocks of pain ran through her as he twisted her hand around to her back, and bit her on her neck,she was helpless,the other guys were starting to come towards them, she stomped his foot with her heel driving it with full force, he let out a shout of pain and let go of her, but on of his friends caught her as she tried to open the locked door.She banged on the door with no avail, there did not seem to be anyone outside.She tried to hit them away but she was greatly outnumbered.She was exhausted and felt them grab her now torn dress and pull it off...she knew what was coming, and she couldnt do anything about it.She felt herself being pushed onto the huge bed, she could see nothing, just a blur of random images as she felt her body being explored.The immense pain was unbearable,everytime she tried to scream, a hand would muffle it, she felt a wad of cotton being thrust on her mouth and nose,as she felt the fumes of chloroform entering her nose numbing her sensations,and she felt herself drifting off into a dark abyss of forced intoxication.


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