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Monday, November 21, 2005

OOoops! you got me CRAZY baby...


A big senti story, about why I am crazy about anything and everything IIT!!

(All names have been changed and all events have been altered to suit the story line, this is part fictional and part real, determining which part is left totally to your discretion)

" Mom! It’s is so crowded here..." cried a young girl of about 11 or 12 years of age, brushing thick black locks away from her face and giving a sorrowful look, to her mom. " I told you it was going to be crowded!!" retorted her mom, giving her what she called "the mom look". "Now, Now...this is her first time here, don’t be so mean to her dear" said her dad. "Nicky, do you know how many people visit this tirumala shrine each year?" he asked trying to divert her thoughts from the claustrophobic environment.

“No…but I bet there are a lot” she said;

“23 million people visit this temple each year”, replied her father, amused at the look of amazement in his daughter’s brown eyes, “look at that?” He showed, pointing to the tip of what looked like a roof, but only yellow in colour, “That is made of gold, and the God who lives inside is very powerful, he grants all wishes,” he said.

“I know who the God is, he is Lord Venkateshwara, he is my favourite God!” said the girl, her face now delighted.

“Really? Then you would surely be his favourite devotee, think about what you are going to wish for,” replied her father, trying to amuse the now highly excited and energetic girl.

“Hmm…wish…I don’t have any wish, I have everything I need…!” said the girl innocently; “well, then thank god for all he has given you,” replied her dad.

PART 2: (Narrated by the girl)

It would take at least 3 hrs to get to the darshan, due to the time, being summer there was a huge rush in the temple, my mom told me.

So I better find a way to amuse myself, I thought, looking around at all the people around me, most of them were bald, their hair being shaved off as an offering to the God. One of my friends, who accompanied us, was shaved bald; his father gave his pleas a deaf ear. Now, I looked at them, chatting away merrily, the taller one, Rahul, looked at me and gave his endearing smile, the smile that made my heart jump a beat. I smiled back in the sweetest way possible.

“What’s wrong? Why are you so silent?” he asked,

“Uhh…Huh…nothing…” I replied, in a small stuttering whisper. “Ohh God! Why does this always happen??” I thought cursing myself. I had a massive crush on him and couldn’t ever say a word near him without making a fool of myself.

“Ohh…Okay then” he shrugged, and gliding his hand through his brown silky hair, turned to the shorter guy, Santosh, who was already eyeing me with a look of dislike on his face at being interrupted from the discussion.

“You guys go on, I will join your discussion later”, I said trying to look like I had a very important thing on my mind. I actually did, I was thinking of what my wish should be; then looked at Rahul, now I knew exactly what I should wish for!

I turned my attention back to the swarm of people, in the narrow passageway, trying to find at least one unshaved head, and also feeling guilty I hadn’t offered any hair at all.

Finally I find one, a guy, of about 21 or 22, quite tall, he had black hair and black thoughtful eyes, he had an inexplicable aura around him, like he was under the focus of a permanent spotlight, a feeling of respect filled inside me, and I didn’t even know why there was this pull towards him, he didn’t look very handsome, nor was there anything special about him, but still there was something in this guy, I couldn’t quite get. I wanted to talk to him, know who he was, but he was too far to talk to, and the place was too noisy with loud chants of mantras and prayers from the devotees. I was also too meek to even try.

All this time we had been moving in endless passages in the temple, now we arrive at a junction and the line we are moving in is joined with another, making the crowded area even more so.

I strained my eyes to search for that guy, but couldn’t, “ohh! Well”, I thought, “lets just go on, I am not going to find him anyway, and even if did what was I going to do?”

I looked around, and found swarms of highly amusing people, who were all shouting out the verses at the highest pitch possible, a very handsome guy, with his hair in spikes, a crying child, a scolding mother, even a puking kid, but none of these people could stop the nagging feeling inside my head, I wanted to look at that one guy. Rahul, having finished his conversation with Santhosh came up beside me and tried to initiate another conversation. I loved it when he talked to me, I could look directly into his eyes and his wavy silky hair. However, today I didn’t feel like talking, or looking at his eyes or hair, all I wanted to do was- FIND THAT GUY!

“Come on, what’s wrong with you?” said Rahul, now looking concerned.


“Its nothing I am just feeling a bit claus…” I turned my head upwards to look at his face, when I found who I was looking for. That guy, he was just beside me, now, intently chatting away with a friend of his, and I was staring directly at him. I WAS JUST BESIDE HIM!!

“Oohh…now I get it” said Rahul, giving me a naughty smile and a wink.

“Rahul, don’t assume okay!” I said, getting a tad bit irritated,

“Ohh! You don’t talk the whole day, and now when you do, you get irritated??”, he retorted.

“But…” as I tried to explain, “You can blink your eyes now, he wont disappear if you blink!” Rahul said, now very annoyed with me.

“Excuse me sir, but my friend here has a crush on you,” shouted Rahul, trying to tease me, when the guy turned around, to face me!!

“Hi, seems like there is a discussion going on about me here”, he said with a smile on his face.

“She has a cr…” started Rahul, when I interrupted and screamed, “HI, I M NICKY, NICE TO MEET YOU!!” to drown Rahul’s words in mine, then suddenly realizing I was not supposed to be talking to strangers, looked around to see if my parents were watching, they were a few feet ahead of us and turned back and waved as they checked on me and Rahul just then, they were quite content to see that I was with him.

“Hi, I am Anil”, he said, the smile on his face still unfaded,

“Which class are you studying in?” He asked.

I had dreaded this moment, and it had to happen, “Now, how will I be able to get my mouth to talk??” I thought frantically, and mumbled nervously, “umm 6th class”, I said.

“Where are you from?” He asked,

“Umm, me? Uhh I m from ………”, my mind froze, and my hands quivered, I had never felt like this!! Not even near Rahul, “now what is happening to me?” I thought.

“now, why are you so nervous? Come on cool down, I am not taking an interview!” he said and laughed, I smiled a weakly, unaware of what to do next.

“Which class are you in?” I asked innocently,

“I am doing my b-tech 4th yr”, he said

“Now which class is that?” I asked having no idea what gibberish he had talked right then.

“Umm, that is the 16th class” he replied, with a mocking serious look on his face,

“Oh my God! You are 9 classes senior to me!” I said with a look of amazement on my face, making his smile even broader, I was still trying to comprehend how much more Anil must know compared to me,

“What’s your favourite subject?” he asked,

“I love science”, I said,

“really? Very good then, what do you want to become when you grow up?” he inquired,

“engineer!”, I replied, almost instantaneously, most of my classmates wanted to be engineers too, we had already decided to go to the same college together!

Anil gave me a broad grin, and replied “yes, good ambition, I wanted to be one too”

“well, I heard it isn’t easy to be an engineer, you have to be very intelligent to be one and also very hardworking”, I replied with an air of pride and a look of “know-it-all” on my face.

“Yes you are right” he replied giving out a loud guffaw. Unable to understand what was so funny, and a futile attempt to laugh, which faded immediately, I was saved from a very awkward situation by Rahul who nudged me and said, “Okay, very nice, friendship finished, we have to go, your parents are calling you” he said with a tone of urgency in his otherwise cheerful voice.

“Uhh, okay” I said still perplexed at my unintended humour.

“Okay, guess you have to leave now, so long then, bye”, said Anil giving me a small wave.

“Bye”, I said with a smile, the first ever since I entered into the temple, and waved.

“Very nice, at least he could make you smile” Rahul said, clearly irritated by the attention Anil was getting from me.

“Why are you so jealous?” I asked and winked,

“Who is jealous here? You are the one acting weirdly from the morning!” he replied.

“Now lets stop fighting, where are my parents?”, I said trying to find them in the crowd ahead,

“They are behind us, you passed them without even noticing them?! Man! That Anil guy is a magician or a hypnotist of some kind!! ”

“Shut up Rahul!” I said exasperated at his immature behaviour, “Rahul, I must be crazy to actually have a crush on this guy!” I thought to myself.

“Hey! If not for me, you would have been lost by now, you talking to strangers and all!” said Rahul,

“I think you forgot who started it, now lets quit arguing and search for my parents” I said trying to stop the argument.

“Ok fine” he said,

“Wow, we aren’t even boyfriend girlfriend and we seem to be breaking up already!!” I thought,


We stood to a corner and let the crowd pass by, my eyes never losing sight of Anil, I still couldn’t understand what I saw in him, his cheerfulness, his friendly tone, and that aura, constantly attracted me towards him, but it wasn’t what I felt towards Rahul, it wasn’t a crush, this was a totally different feeling; a feeling I hadn’t ever had towards anyone, ever, a humbling feeling welled up inside me when I looked at him, I felt as though an energy surrounding me, I couldn’t understand what that was then; nor can I comprehend what it is even now.

We had neared the main shrine of the temple, the floor of the passage turned to a smooth marble floor from stone and I was starting to have second thoughts on what I wanted wish for, when Rahul asked me “So what are you going to wish for?”, I couldn’t stop myself from smiling as Rahul echoed my thoughts, “You are going mad, you are smiling for no reason!”, he said, “I was just thinking about what to wish for”, I replied. “Why don’t you wish for that guy?” mocked Rahul, “Rahul, it was funny the first 2000 times you said it! Now its just plain boring ”I said, “okay… okay I will stop teasing you now” he replied.

I looked in Anil’s direction and noticed that the moving line had stopped. I could also feel that it was quite humid there inside the main temple, as though he was reading my thoughts, Anil removed his jacket revealing a white unflattering t-shirt, it had something written all over the back, in black, I could figure out a big name, INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, MADRAS and CHEMICAL ENGINEERING written below it.

“Hey Rahul”, I called, “what is the Indian Institute of Technology?” I asked,

“Oh! That’s an institute for engineering, its the best in India” he replied,

“Umm and when can we get into it?” I asked innocently,

“After 12th. You have a long time girl, don’t even think about it, that Anil guy is going to pass in and out of it thrice before you get in” he exclaimed.

“Rahul, cant you think of a girl and boy just being friends?……. Like me and you?” I snapped back.

“You and I aren’t friends,” he said, and giving out a big laugh after looking at the puzzled look on my face, said, “We are best friends” and grinned.

I gave him a wide smile and was almost about to hug him, when I felt the butterflies in my stomach vanish and a great warmth spread over me, I no more felt self-conscious near him, “Aah, its so much better to have a best friend than a boy friend” I thought. Just then I spotted both of our parents coming towards us, “We are almost about to reach the shrine, keep all your wishes ready everyone” announced my dad, “I have mine ready!” I exclaimed, “Yeah, She is going to wish for An…owwww”, howled Rahul as I pinched him real hard. “An Owl I wanted to wish for an Owl.... Lots of mosquitoes here, Rahul, I told you to wear some trousers, but you didn’t listen to me” I said with a naughty grin on my face trying to ignore the puzzled stares of my parents. “You are the mosquito…you…”, began Rahul, aggravated, when my mom broke the fight up “Come on children stop fighting we have reached the golden entrance, now be careful, they shove very hard in there” warned my mom.

I looked around at the beautifully decorated shrine, which was lit by numerous lamps filling the room with an eerie and yet calming yellow light, a smell of incense filled the air, giving a deep feel of peace and tranquility even in the midst of hundreds of people. All the people were pushing each other and to add this chaos were some NCC volunteers who were pushing everyone in whichever direction they could, I neared the idol, the prayers from the devotees getting more and more intense and frantic, the whole atmosphere making me feel like I was in a trance, I face the idol now a few feet away from me and then closed my eyes; folded my hands and with the most devotion I could gather, made my first sincere wish ever.


  • good description, but isnt 11 or 12 yrs of age a bit too young to have crushes?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:00 PM  

  • Hi I´m Chris. Greatings from Germany Bottrop !!

    By Blogger ChrisWoznitza, at 12:03 PM  

  • Let me read the last part then I will give my comment....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:45 AM  

  • im dying to read the sequel!! Quite some writer u are...

    By Blogger Pavan, at 3:00 PM  

  • crush tat tooo at the age of 11 or 12.......well...how come????

    n is it a fiction or sth real incident???

    where does it relate to to iit yaar???

    r u planning to say iit as tirupathi n ur crush abt iitians......huh....

    so did Nicky able to meet that guy with whom she wanted to meet in the story???

    did u visit iit at the age of 11 or 12???? huh tats why....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:29 PM  

  • wait up...u will see the connection quite soon...

    By Blogger swetha kumar, at 5:04 AM  

  • @shwetha

    Hmm...i am wondering...


    You think one cant have a crusha t the age of 11 years?? lol
    Where did you live all your life?

    By Blogger leftit, at 4:14 PM  

  • still waiting...:(

    Nothing except the layout has changed...buck up dudette

    By Blogger leftit, at 1:11 AM  

  • hmm...gud work...nicely put up...looking forward for the real suspense to unwind(biting nails)

    By Anonymous DarkLord, at 8:12 AM  

  • @leftit
    writing is hard work...please do wait up...

    By Blogger swetha kumar, at 9:21 AM  

  • really boring

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:26 PM  

  • now...thrs one truthfull fellow in the world...heheheee [:)]

    By Blogger swetha kumar, at 12:32 PM  

  • i now understand why the girls in my class,bright and dull alike, always beat me when it came to romantic essays and stories.Or is it that you stand out,swetha?And im having strong doubts about a little girl who gave me a sweet smile the last time i went to the temple.Moral of the story:IITIANS ought to wear their college t-shirts to temple.WE need more such sincere wishes

    By Anonymous NJ Andy, at 12:33 PM  

  • well......definitely boring......but as a friend of urs.......I can say........nice....keep it up.....

    first part was interesting....but when the ice breaks......it become boring for me....

    but I am wondering......what was the wish......getting into IIT????

    By Anonymous Anirvan, at 12:54 AM  

  • truely speaking....writting is an art......since u have spent a lot of time in writting it.....n u have the artistic of writting....so.....keep on writting more....expecting a lot to read from u.....have fun....

    By Anonymous Anirvan, at 10:57 PM  

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